Accreditation & Awards
07 Oct 2020
Occupational Health & Safety Assessment, Investigation, Risk Management & Training Services

Occupational Health & Safety Assessment, Investigation, Risk Management & Training Services


1      Legislative Safety Audit & Safety Review

In light of the compliance with the legislation of Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulations, an owner or contractor shall appoint a registered safety auditor to conduct a safety audit according to the applicable industrial undertaking or, a registered safety review officer to conduct a safety review for a smaller setup. The review/audit should be carried out at a yearly or a half-year basis. 


As a result, remedial actions can be taken before incidents occur.  This audit/review will highlight all positive and negative aspects of health and safety at the work place.  The work environment includes office, hotels, godown, factory, schools, etc.  We can help client to comply with legislative requirements.


2      Safety Assessment Service at Site

We have a fully qualified team of Specialists/Assessors who provide expert advices on all aspects of Occupational, health and safety issues and policies. Our team includes Chartered Engineers, Risk Assessors, Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Auditors, Registered Safety Auditors, Registered Safety Officers. 


Our team members with professionalism, are capable of conducting safety audit at site, we can work  together with client/Architect/Contractor's agent, to identify potential dangers; to offer advices on potential hazards emerging from the development work; to make recommendations of controlling the risks; to observe the effectiveness of safety level operated by the contractor(s) for minimization of risks, avoidance of dangers, and prevention of accidents; to offer professional guidance for correction by our Safety Assessment Service.


3      Risk Assessment / Management

As an employer, principal contractor or person in control of a workplace, should ensure workplace health and safety. Our Risk Assessors are capable to identify, evaluate and report on any risk-related concerns; to conduct risk assessment and prepare reports to help you meet your workplace health and safety obligation. The risks assessment report provided will show you how to identify hazards at your workplace and how to manage exposure to the risks associated with these hazards.


4      Accident Prevention / Investigation

Our Specialists can provide engineering, operations research, systems analysis, and related capabilities for accident investigation. We acquire, manage and analyse accident related data; to evaluate and performs safety analyses and risk assessment. An Accident investigation can minimize legal cost & proceeding claims, and can develop controls for accident prevention for organizations.


5      Expert Witness

Our safety specialists have the Professionalism as Expert Witnesses in the area of occupational safety & health, labour’s compensation, Occupational Health & Safety compliance, premises liability and fall accidents, etc.  We can prepare accident investigation and analysis report, deposition and document, photographs or videos review, trial questions assistance, testimony under oath for depositions at hearings, trials for clients.


6      Occupational Safety Training Programme

We can customise any of its training courses to suit your organisation's needs. By customizing training to your employees, so that they can fully understand the course content and are able to apply what they have learnt practically in the real situation. Let’s turn their experience into your companies’ expertise.


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