RoHS-IQC Incoming Quality Control Certification (IQC) Certification

Companies are keen to demonstrate their ability in delivering quality products & commitments to legal requirements in protecting the environment. To respond such a demand, ACI & Fago Testing formed a strategic alliance and offer a newly launched “RoHS - Incoming Quality Control Certification (RoHS-IQC)” in demonstrating client compliance to The European Union's Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations in limiting the amount of lead and other environmentally harmful substances in electronic product. Certification mainly aims to assure an effective screening system for raw materials before production of final product is carried out by manufacturer regularly.The certification system can supervise and assure the raw material used by manufacturer are tally RoHS requirement. It can reduce the possibility of any loss or risk induced from failure of delivery lead time caused by non-conformity product raised against the requirement.

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