ISO 18788 Private Security Operations Management System

ISO 18788 is a Private Security Operations Management System (SOMS) standard that specifies requirements and provides guidance for organisations conducting or contracting security operations. Its principles and requirements enables organizations to establish, implement, maintain and improve an SOMS, to conform with its stated security operations management policy, and be in conformance with international, national and local laws and human rights requirements.


ISO 18788 provide business and risk management framework for organizations conducting or contracting security operations. The activities and functions organized by companies should demonstrate the conduct of professional security operations to customer’s and stakeholder’s needs.


It is applicable to all types and sizes of organizations. ACI provides Private Security Operation certification for those who want to implement and maintain an effective SOMS. It gives an organization creditability within the private security industry.



  • Provide reliability and establish effective Corporate Governance
  • Strengthen credibility and protect reputation
  • Ensure professional security operations to meet  customer’s and stakeholder’s needs
  • Establish sustained customer improvements
  • Accountability to legal and regulatory guidelines and respect for human rights
  • Increase the potential operational success




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