ISO 41001 Facility Management – Management Systems

ISO 41001 Facility Management is currently one of the fastest-growing professional and operational disciplines worldwide. The global facility management services market is expected to generate around $2,127.4 billion by 2027 ( Zion Market Research, 2019 )


The Major target of ISO 41001 is to increase awareness and support the development, implementation and maintenance of effective facilities management regimes in all sectors of industry and commerce worldwide in order to enable organizations to grow rapidly in the facility management market.


ISO 41001 demonstrates effective and efficient delivery of Facility Management that supports the objectives of the demand organization. It pursues to consistently in defining the applicable requirements and needs of all interested parties involved in the facility management. It aims to be sustainable in globally-competitive environment.


It is applicable to all types of organizations, whether public or private sector, regardless of the type, size and nature of the organization or geographical location.

ISO 37001 with tarde mark R_Co-01