ISO 42001 Artificial Intelligence Management System

ISO/IEC 42001 is the world’s first AI management system standard, it Emphasizes ethical principles and values such as fairness, non-discrimination and respect for privacy when deploying AI systems transparency, and continuous learning. For organizations, it sets out a structured way to manage risks and opportunities associated with AI, balancing innovation with governance. The goal is to help companies and society benefit the most from AI while reassuring stakeholders’ expectations that systems are being developed and used responsibility.


ISO/IEC 42001 is a certifiable AIMS, implementing it means putting in place policies and procedures for the sound governance of an organization in relation to AI, using the Plan‐Do‐Check‐Act methodology. Rather than looking at the details of specific AI applications, it provides a practical way of managing AI-related risks and opportunities across an organization. It also helps to minimizes the potential risks and negative impacts associated with AI. It therefore provides value for any business or entity.


To implement an AIMS, you will need a solid understanding of ISO/IEC 42001's requirements. We offer training to provide the required knowledge. Once the system is in place, we can provide a gap assessment. After the successful completion of an audit, we will issue your certificate, confirming the effective implementation of the standard's requirements.