ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Management System

From Kyoto Protocol in 1997 to the ad hoc COP 15, the political and regulatory climate related to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions awareness are rapidly increasing and changing. The changing landscape for GHG Policy & Regulation will definitely affect business utilities and their business partners in the near future.


Corporation business positions for a Carbon Constrained Future related to GHG emissions are rapidly increasing. There is a need for certified corporation and qualified professionals charged with measuring, accounting, auditing, and managing GHG emissions with high levels of competency and ethical standards.


ISO 14064 Verification, an international standard that provides a framework for organization to quantify and report on greenhouse gas emissions and removals, it is a set of unambiguous requirements or specifications, to support organization of GHG emission reduction.  Through the ISO 14064 Verification process, it will lead corporation to a sustainable competitive advantage of a Carbon Constrained Future.

ISO 14064 v3