Our tutors

Our tutors are experienced in their fields with concrete experience of successful implementation and monitoring of various management systems. Tutors are experts in management systems and they understand challenges you are most likely to have during the implementation of management systems. Tutors can share their point of view and cope with difficult situations more effectively and efficiently.Please do come and enjoy one of our courses we provided. Our tutors are experienced in providing trainings. Not only do they share their knowledge and experience with you, but also they are capable of adopting various sharing and interactive courses activities, so that you can fully understand the course content and are able to apply what you have learnt in the real situation practically. Let’s turn their experience into your companies’ expertise.

Why choose ACI for in-company training?

Accredited Certification International provides In-Company training course should minimize disruption to your business and maximize your training budget.


It is the most convenient and cost effective solution, if you wish to train a number of your people or when confidentially is an issue. Participants benefit from the ability to raise issues in the course and develop specific themes without the fear of confidential information being exposed. Interested parties can contact Accredited Certification International directly.