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23 Jun 2020
ACI appointed by Electrical & Mechanical Services Dept. (EMSD)...

ACI appointed by Electrical & Mechanical Services Dept. (EMSD)  to perform Risk Assessment of UV Sterilizers at Civil Aviation Department Headquarters (CADHQs)


Imagine those hands on the escalator handrails in front of you.  What do you think were left behind? 


Authorities constantly remind us that we need to hold the handrail while taking the escalator or moving walkway for our safety.  Yet, even lightly trailing the hand along the handrail can mean exposing ourselves to a surprising quantity of bacteria and diseases. With Covid-19 pandemic, it won’t come as a surprise that even more people are scared of touching these handrails. In fact, one study revealed that escalator handrails shockingly harbored 17 times more germs than the average toilet handles.  This explains why we can see devices called UV sterilizers attached in the escalators, mostly in commercial, government and office buildings nowadays.  But how safe are they?


In response to this, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of Hong Kong decided to assess the safety risk, as well as conduct laboratory test for bacterial level of those UV sterilizer units installed in the Civil Aviation Department Headquarters (CADHQs).  ACI was chosen to lead the said test and risk assessment.


ACI conducted risk assessment of the escalator handrails before and after the installation of the UV sterilizers and the technical specifications and installation manuals were scrutinized by the team.  Testing, Inspection and Investigation were done afterwards to identify the possible risks, if any, that may arise with the use of those UV handrail sterilizers.  Laboratory test followed wherein the bacteria level were counted before and after the installation of those UV sterilizer units. 


ACI is committed to deliver professional risk assessment service in all aspects for our clients.  We have professional experts to conduct excellence and value-added services that will benefit to various organizations and companies.


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