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24 Jun 2020
ISO 55001 Asset Management Certification

Physical assets are important assets of most of the organizations. To these organizations, the integrity, safety and reliability of physical assets are great concerns. Adopting a suitable assets management system is an effective solution. ISO 55001 Assess Management is world wide used standard. It shows promise to become a world-wide specification for any organizations seeking to demonstrate a high level of professionalism in whole life cycle management of their physical assets.


ISO 55001 is the specification for the physical management of assets. The specification provides guidance and requirements specification for establishing and verifying a joined-up, optimized and whole-life management system for all types of physical assets.


ISO 55001 applies to all sectors and all assets types of any organization, public or private, small size enterprises or multinationals. ACI devotes to providing professional certification services according to customers’ requirement. Organizations that wish to optimize their assets management in whole life cycle are welcome to contact us.


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