Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is fast becoming a keyword for listed companies and multi-national organizations. In the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan have made consistent and reasonable ESG reporting mandatory for some industry segments or listed companies. In Hong Kong, Malaysia and Korea, annual reporting on ESG status has become an important part of prudent management and a common practice for businesses every year. ESG Report is also named as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report and Sustainability Report.

In Hong Kong, most of Hang Seng Index companies are reporting ESG issues in some form while half of them have a stand-alone report. Internationally, over 90% of Global companies are reporting their ESG performances.

More companies will issue ESG Report with Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) requirement on ESG disclosure. HKEx is planning to raise the level of obligation of ESG report publication from :voluntary; to :comply or explain; by 2015. This means that the listed companies are required to issue ESG Report in order to fulfill HKEx requirements. Otherwise, they are required to submit explanation for not issuing ESG Report to HKEx.

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In today's highly competitive environment, we all know customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of our businesses. How do we find out whether our customers are satisfied. The best way to find out whether your customers are satisfied is to ask them. By determining which factors produce the highest perceived value by customers, research can provide the knowledge to both correct deficiencies in today's customer service and assist in building high value strategic, customer service offerings for the future. Special sets of questions can built into survey questionnaires to learn about the perceived value of services and how a company stacks up against its primary competitors in delivering on the critical value factors.

An ongoing Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSM) program will provide the basis for a customer-driven approach to the market place. It is also an effective tool for sustaining long-term customer relationships. Companies the regularly solicit evaluation and feedback from customers are viewed as organizations with a concern for quality in both product and service.Companies from a variety of industry have used our services. Their positive feedback has proved our capability in providing value added services.

Accredited Certification International Limited (ACI) is a listed contractor of
Census & Statistics Department HKSAR, Hong Kong Housing Authority HKSAR, and Hong Kong Tourism Board

ACI provides customer satisfaction measurement services customized to meet your program structure and objectives. From customer interview studies to ongoing customer satisfaction tracking programs, All of your customer satisfaction measurement program including data collection, data analysis, results reporting and consulting support is conducted by our professional team.

The type of primary research techniques used includes the following:

Qualitative Quantitative
-In-depth Interviews -Service Priority Index
-Focus Groups -ServQual/Gap Theory
-Interactive Techniques/Priority Evaluation -Stated Preference
-Projective Research -CHAID Analysis (using psychographic)
-Observation -Cost/benefit Analysis
-Mystery Calling -Data Tracking / Data Mining
  -Utility Analysis / Modeling
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Quality Control Measures

Once the survey instrument has been finalized, it will be fielded at the central call centre facility in ACI, which equipped with Voice Recording System which operates VoiceLink VRS (Enterprise) Recording Solution Using this system, all phone voice is tapped, and then digitalized, compressed and encrypted into proprietary format and stored in the VoiceLink database. That is, while survey, data collection is simultaneous since the respondent data is entered into a database while the interview is in progress.

Additionally, the system allows interviewers to directly enter verbatim responses to open-ended questions. These open-ended responses can be quickly review after the call, and subsequently coded into broader response categories, if so desired. Furthermore, the system has an extensive call management system, which automatically tracks the outcome of each telephone number entered into the system. Specifically, detailed records are maintained on the outcome of each call attempt (e.g., completed interview, call back, no answer, busy signal, answering machine, refusal, and so forth).

Also, call record summaries can be easily prepared with the VoiceLink VRS (Enterprise) Recording Solution, showing the daily and cumulative totals of the completed interviews within each quota segment (e.g., type of customer, province, etc.), interviewing and supervisory hours, as well as the average number of completed interviews per interviewing hour. These records assure our clients that we are always abreast of fieldwork progress.

Importantly, the VoiceLink VRS (Enterprise) Recording Solution also facilitates advanced in-progress monitoring of interviews. Not only do our field supervisors :listen-in; to surveys as they are being completed over the telephone, at their own interviewing stations, but they can also follow the responses which are entered into the system by the interviewers.This monitoring system further ensures the accuracy of our data collection procedures. Completed questionnaires are carefully edited for accuracy and completeness by our field supervisors, and 15% of each interviewer・s work is checked on a random basis by our Quality Manager who is not involved in telephone interview. To ensure the highest quality research is conducted on behalf of our clients, all our interviewers are professionally trained and experienced in proper surveying procedures. Moreover, they work under the close direction of our experienced field manager and supervisor

Partial Client List:

Maxvoice Technologies Limited, USD (Asia Pacific) Limited, T-Network Consultants, Sakes Travel Co., Ltd., China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited, China Overseas Building Construction Limited, China Overseas Civil Engineering Limited, China Overseas Foundation Engineering Limited, China Overseas Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Limited, Greenwich International (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong Macau (Asia) Engineering Co. Ltd.


Supplier (Vendor) Audit is an effective way for various industries and associations to monitor their suppliers・ network for all products, semi-made products and raw materials. It can help to safeguard the brand image of a company, which takes lots of time and capital to build up. A reputable and reliable brand is especially important in 21st century as quality assurance is placed at the first place for all of your clients and many countries. Besides, it can raise the social responsibility and awareness of the company.

By making use of Supplier or Vendor Audit, quality assurance can be monitored by compliance to different countries・ quality standard and purchasing offices・ specific requirement. Through our professional Auditing Service, we can provide valuable opinion, identify problematic issues, streamline their works, improve suppliers・ effectiveness and efficiency, and monitor the supplier・s quality. These kinds of services can actually save your time, cost and resources. Our geographical coverage of suppliers is Asia and China.

Unlike first party audit, Supplier (Vendor) Audit is an independent audit quality program for suppliers, which is not under the direct control or within the organizational structure of the review organization. We commonly regard it as Second Party Audit. Normally, second party audits are usually implemented by the customers to ascertain whether their suppliers/subcontractors can meet existing or proposed contractual requirements.

Evidently, the supplier's/subcontractor's quality system is a very important part of contractual requirements since it is directly (manufacturing, contracting, engineering, purchasing, quality control, etc.) and indirectly (marketing, inside and outside sales, etc.) responsible for the design, process, control and continued supportability of the product/service.

Although second party audits are usually conducted by customers on their suppliers/subcontractors, it is also beneficial for customers to contract with an independent auditor. This action helps to promote an image of fairness and objectivity on the part of the customer. Accredited by Hong Kong Accreditation Services (HKAS), ACI is an independent and impartial notary organization.

With our service intervention, you can have a clear and objective view of your products before shipment, and the situation in factories before any production order is placed. We trust that our client will receive the most reliable quality assessment service

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The energy efficiency projects (EEP) and the energy-cum-carbon audits (ECA) aim to provide financial assistance to building owners for improving the efficiency of energy consumption of buildings. Through these programs, the Government targets to promote a low carbon economyXan economy based on low energy consumption and low pollution.

Accredited Certification International has been recognized by ECF fund for (Energy Efficiency Projects) & (Energy Cum Carbon Audits) Services

  • Certifying the detailed scope of the EEP, including justifications on the cost effectiveness;
  • Supervising the EEP;
  • Certifying the completion reports on the compliance of the respective Building Energy Codes;
  • Certifying the audit reports and subsequent progress reports of ECA.
  • Assisting the relevant organizations for applying the "Environment and Conservation Fund"(ECF) funding.


EEP: to encourage existing building owners to carry out alteration, addition or improvement works to upgrade the energy efficiency performance of building services installations, including lighting, electrical, air-conditioning, lift and escalator installations.

ECA: to encourage existing building owners to carry out energy-cum-carbon audits, with a view to systematically reviewing the use of energy and quantifying the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their buildings, and to identify opportunities for enhancements of energy efficiency and conservation and reductions in the level of GHG emissions arising from building operations.

Types of building qualify for application
  • Commercial buildings including offices, retails, restaurants or hotels
  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Buildings for institutional purposes, including schools and universities, community centers, sports complexes
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As two of the major challenges of our time for the international community, climate change and energy issue have a close relationship. The future high prices of the available fossil fuels is becoming a major concern to corporations, at the meantime taking care of the environment has became important in showing the organizations・ social responsibilities. To improve energy efficiency and energy conservation performance in a systematic way can not only enable corporations to became less dependent on energy, hence reduce the cost and the concern about the future high energy price, but also have a significant effect on carbon emission reduction and reduce the pollution to the environment.

ACI is committed to working closely with the government and industry in energy efficiency improvement and carbon emission reduction. This verification is designed to assist organizations to improve their energy efficiency and energy conservation performance.
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Under the :Food and Drugs (Composition and Labelling) (Amendment: Requirements for Nutrition Labelling and Nutrition Claim) Regulation 2008 (Amendment Regulation);, from July 1, 2010 onwards all pre-packaged food should be coupled with nutrition labeling. The new regulation requires the "one plus seven" nutrition information to be labelled, including energy and seven core nutrients: protein, carbohydrate, total fat, saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids, sodium and sugar. It costs a lot for small and medium size firms to use direct nutrient analysis (i.e. testing nutrients laboratory) to do a comprehensive and detailed report of food nutrition. In addition to direct nutrient analysis, however, the Government has clearly pointed out another less costly way to get food nutrition information V .indirect nutrient analysis・ This analysis method calculates the nutritional information of food based on raw materials nutritional information and cooking methods, which not only in line with the Government's statutory requirements, but also effectively control production costs.

ACI is the first Certification Body to use .indirect nutrient analysis・ to provide related data and materials・ nutrition information for food manufacturers, and calculate the corresponding data to create nutrition labels, which can save considerable production cost and time. To provide high-value services is always our goal, interesting party please feel free to contact us

(Remarks: ACI has the right to decide to analysis it or NOT for some unsuitable or complicated food products.)

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The "Occupational Safety and Health (Display Screen Equipment) Regulation"come into operation on 4 July 2003. it is Designed to enhance the occupational safety and health of workers who use display screen equipment for prolonged periods.
Under the Regulation, the person responsible for the workplace shall perform a risk assessment of existing workstations. An employer shall also ensure that employees are provided with necessary safety and health training. The employee on the other hand shall conform to the system of work and work practice; and comply with the risk reduction measures in order to enjoy a comfortable and safe workstation.
In order to assist in the risk assessment process and the control of hazards in Display Screen Equipment wrokstations, ACI provides an assessment service for organization to perform risk assessment in compliance with the legislative requirements and to make records for future review.

BSCI is the European approach to improve social performance in supplier countries. European retail companies and associations have developed a common monitoring system simplifying and standardizing the requirements and individual monitoring procedures for retail, industry and importers.

The BSCI is based on the labour standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other important international regulations like the UN Charta for Human Rights, as well as on national regulations. The Initiative aims at continuously improving the social performance of suppliers, leading to Best Practice certification and thus sustainably enhancing working conditions in factories worldwide.

BSCI offers a common approach for European commerce provides standardized Management Tools for all countries supplies a database: information pool to optimise coordination of the process is open to retailers, importers and manufacturers covers all consumer goods is transparent involves stakeholders in Europe and supplier countries

ACI provides gap assessment to meet your requirements. The entire assessment is conducted by our professional team.


Brand name is the most valuable asset of your company, and your frontline staff is the people who give the first impression to consumers about your brand image. Possession of excellent service skills is indispensable for a company, and is becoming the requisite for a company to achieve greater success among her industry. :How can service performance be measured? and :What assessment tools can we use?; Mystery Shopping Services should be your right choice.

Mystery shopping helps you identify gaps in customers・ expectation and takes the necessary remedial action. It is an independent assessment of your operating procedures, code of conduct and your customers, etc. Mystery shopping allows companies to obtain a :snapshot in time; by trained shoppers who know in advance what they are to evaluate.

Our experienced shoppers are fully dedicated to integrity and data accuracy. They are required to attend conscientious training, receive a comprehensive exam and onsite practice before they are qualified. Individual briefing sessions will also be arranged for shoppers, making sure that they can grasp all the assessment criteria of each mystery shopping project.

Mystery shopping provides management a method to efficiently evaluate their procedures, business practices, deliverables, and employees from the perspective of a non-biased consumer. It is used in a wide variety of industries such as retail, restaurants, financial institutions, convenience stores, gas stations, travel and entertainment, service providers, department stores,, etc. As a result you will see customer service levels improve which may in turn lead to increased sales.


  • retain current customers
  • attract new customers
  • improve customer service
  • monitor employee compliance with procedures
  • enhance employee sales ability
  • reward valuable employees
  • identify training needs
  • measure training efforts
  • prevent customer complaints
  • identify business opportunities



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