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PASS Visiting Elderly in Grace Nursing Home

16th Nov 2012, Professional and Social Services Association (PASS) has arranged a visiting to an Elderly Home ~ Grace Nursing Home at Kowloon Tong. The visiting was sponsored by Accredited Certification International Limited (ACI). We often visit elderly in nursing homes or other institutions.

Elderly are happy for our coming. Volunteers from ACI together with Staff of PASS played games with the elderly and sang songs, which remind them many pleasant memories and some elderly sang together with us. During the games and singing, we have spread the gifts to the elderly. The elderly enjoyed the games and the company of the volunteers for the whole afternoon. They hope that PASS could come again next time. At the end of the visiting, each elderly has been given a big package of gift, sponsored by ACI.

PASS is dedicated to bring happiness to the elderly, that is one of the important work carried out by us. Caring for the elderly is a very important issue, especially in Hong Kong for the population of elderly persons has increasing rapidly. To help the elderly live a better life not only is the responsibility of the government, but also need the whole society to join. As a social service association, PASS is making great effort to facilitate commercial companies to take their social responsibilities.
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ACI proudly delivered ¡¥Managing with I ¡V Ching¡¦ Training to OGCIO of HKSAR
ACI, the preferred training provider for a large number of organizations in many industry sectors, we are offering a number of public and in-house training courses to our clients. Recently we have held a seminar on ¡¥Managing with I ¡V Ching¡¦ for Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) of HKSAR. The OGCIO was set up to provide leadership for the development of information and communications technology (ICT) within and outside the Hong Kong Government, and enable the Government to take a proactive, leading role in championing IT development.

The I ¡V Ching has been known as one of the most important books in the Chinese culture. With some modification and reorganization I ¡V Ching can be better used in today¡¦s corporation management. Tutor from ACI has showed delegates development, appliance and implementation of I ¡V Ching in management. Delegates are greatly interesting in the topic. They have a positive interaction attitude with the tutor throughout the whole training.

Management representatives from OGCIO expressed their satisfaction to the tutor¡¦s professional performance and serious attitude during the seminar. Our goal is to provide the highest quality training to our clients and help the clients get the most within their training budget. Through our experienced tutors, structured training courses and our extensive training experience in the market, we can definitely meet every customer¡¦s training needs.
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Olympic motto Swifter,Higher, Stronger

With just one month to go, the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony will be held on 8 August at 8 p.m., and HKSAR Government will co-host the Equestrian Events in Hong Kong. As a local founded company, ACI feels proud and we would like to delivery our best wishes sincerely to this coming event.

As in sport, challenges can offer remarkable opportunities. For athletes, it is an endless road in pursuit of perfect performance, as well as in the business world. For us, ACI always believes that the Olympic motto ¡§Swifter, Higher, Stronger¡¨has no boundary, which can be adapted in our daily operation. It requires we should increase our efficiency in order to reach a higher quality level and strengthen ourselves in today¡¦s fierce competitive market. Also, we try to help our clients making a different by qualifying their system in many aspects. It shares the same philosophy behind with Olympic spirit which including standardization and justice.

We would like to see that the Olympic spirit can be delivered through the torch relay from country to country, and fully developed in every field.

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ACI has participated in voluntary activities (5 December 2007)

The United Nations set 5th December of each year as the International Voluntary Day, to demonstrate our concern to the society, ACI has participated in the visiting of volunteer activities and prize awarding ceremonies as a support to the voluntary services. The voluntary activities were organized by the Agency for Voluntary Service, the Crystal Group and the China Resources Vanguard (HK) Company Limited for the consecutive forth year. The aims are to encourage organizations in different industries, schools and volunteers to participate in visit and other events to show our love and care to the minority.

ACI is an organization which is willing to commit themselves into these meaningful things. ACI fully support these meaningful voluntary activities, we also concern about the benefits of the minority. It is not just a social responsibilities for ACI and our staff, meanwhile, it is more appropriate saying that we are concerning about the world near us, especially in Hong Kong.

ACI has frequently participated in the voluntary activities and giving feedbacks to our society. We would also like to promote these ideas to our customers, so as to work hard together for a better living environment for Hong Kong. If you are interested in paying back to the minority, you can periodically check our ¡§Commitment and Customer Care¡¨, we will post the newest information onto our websites. On the other hand, you may also visit the site of the Agency for Voluntary Services ¡V, via the donation of money or registered as a volunteer to show your concern over the voluntary services.

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ACI launch a ¡§Quality Promotion Scheme¡¨ to all SMEs in 2008

Quality management is essential today; substantial improvement in quality management will ensure companies operating in an efficient way. In response to the celebration of World Quality Day carried out by the CQI and World SME Expo carried out by Hong Kong Trade Development Council, ACI is now aiming to promote quality management to all SMEs in HK, so as to make more companies enjoying the fruitful result. More Companies can understand the importance of quality of product and quality of delivery for their clients by taking a proactive approach.

ACI is now decided to carry out a ¡§Quality Promotion Scheme¡¨ that will benefit our customers and other interested parties. Companies which promote quality management on your companies¡¦ website with a link to ACI, we will put your logo on the ACI website with a link back to your quality management page. Under this method, ACI is confident that the concept of quality management will be wide-spread to all the SMEs in HK. The scheme is Free-Of-Charge and participants will be given a training discount of up to 10% for all our public training held in 2008. Once you have linked ACI¡¦s website in your homepage, please let us know at

It is a good opportunity to demonstrate your commitment in quality management to your staff and business partners, you may also invite them to join the scheme together, consequently enjoy the benefits. If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us. ACI is determined in assisting your company to enjoy the convenient by means of quality management and its substantial improvement.

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ACI recommend DTTN services

As an international logistics hub at the doorstep of Southern China, Hong Kong is uniquely positioned to develop an e-infrastructure which facilitates information flow of the supply chain and promotes regional integration. The Digital Trade and Transportation Network (DTTN) is a platform that provides interconnection among the trade, logistics and finance industries to facilitate information flow and enhance efficiency.

In fact, DTTN acted as a way of facilitating quality management. Quality management enables client to demonstrate their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as well as continuously improving their quality systems. With the efficient of quality management, it will be easier for your products or services reaching the customer satisfaction. Using the DTTN, your daily business will be simplified as most of the documents are being able to transfer through the internet, which will save times and ensure a more reliable in supply. Furthermore, the DTTN will also provide a faster and more secured application process.

Accredited Certification International Ltd. (ACI)¡¦s mission is to assist industry and commerce in the development of quality management systems. We fully support DTTN and are pleased to let you know that DTTN is now promoting and interested parties are given free-of-charge if they are to decide joining the multi beneficial scheme up to 30 November, 2007. If your company is interested in enjoying the benefits of e-business, you can visit for further details.

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SME Linux Jumpstart Program

Accredited Certification International Ltd. (ACI) fully supports the SME Linux Jumpstart Program.Sponsored by the SME Fund, this SME-favoring program is led by Hong Kong Linux Industry Association and implemented by the Hong Kong Productivity Council. The project offers SME a cost effective option in using the up-to-date IT.

Joining the program brings lots of benefits, for example, smoothen the quality management system in your company can reduce time wasted, raise efficiency and increase their competitiveness. On the other hands, on-going remote, on-site support, maintenance service and quality software will be provided which will significantly lightening the burdens for SMEs in updating their software and network systems. It cost large amount of money in doing so and could only be done by a large group of technical support in large enterprises before introduction of the Linux Jumpstart Program to SMEs.

All SME owners are welcome to join the scheme and it is free-of-charge joining the project up to the end of this November. We are looking forward to seeing your companies are being benefited from the project. For further details, you can contact Hong Kong Productivity Council or you can also visit the Hong Kong Linux Industry Association¡¦s website . Let¡¦s join the program in order to ensure your company¡¦s competitiveness.

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¡§ACI Fully Support the World Quality Day¡¨
ACI has joined the World Quality Day organized by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) on 8 November 2007. World Quality Day gives all companies the opportunity to celebrate their commitment to quality.
Furthermore, the celebrating of World Quality Day presents an opportunity for companies to perpetually improve their business in the competitive marketplace. Companies can understand the importance of quality of product and quality of delivery for their clients by taking a proactive approach.
For the purposes of introducing and promoting the scheme, ACI will put up information about the World Quality Day in forms of articles and posters on our organization as a direct way for staff and clients.In addition, ACI has decided to offer discount on all of our quality related training courses in the month of November 2007, so as to allow more companies being able to enjoy the benefits.Don¡¦t get hesitated and contact us for further details. ACI is looking forward to assisting more organizations on the improvements of their quality management continuously.
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¡§ACI had participated in The 23rd Association of Macau Restaurant Merchants Ceremony in Macau (April 26,2007) "

ACI had participated in ¡§The 23rd Association of Macau Restaurant Merchants ceremony ¡§held on April 26th 2007 in Macau which was organized by Association of Macau Restaurant Merchants. Numerous of representatives from different hotels, restaurants had participated the event.
During the gathering, the representatives from the Association of Macau Restaurant Merchants have repeatedly pointed out and highlighted the importance of food safety nowadays. There are several advantages in maintaining food safety under proper control. It ensures the customer¡¦s health and enables the goodwill of the food industry.
To achieve food safety, ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems is an international standard and an ideal partner to help you reach the goal of improving enterprises¡¦¡¦ images and strengthening customers¡¦ confidence over your companies. ACI is now offering certification on ISO 22000:2005 which is a good management system is applicable to all organizations, regardless of size, which are involved in any aspect of the food chain. ISO 22000 certification enable the company to demonstrate compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory food safety requirements, to effectively communicate food safety issues to their suppliers, customers and relevant interested parties in the food chain.

In today fast growing business, raising employees¡¦ awareness over food safety is very important. Please contact ACI for further information on ISO 22000 food safety management certification and training.

The 23rd Association of Macau Restaurant Merchants Ceremony in Macau

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"ACI had participated in Promoting Occupational and Safety Culture in Macau"
ACI had supported and participated in ¡§Macau Occupational Safety Variety Show¡¨ held on March 25th 2007 which is organized by Macau Occupational Health and Safety Association, Federal of Association Operation of Macau and Labor Affairs Bureau Macao SAR, China.The theme of the event was ¡§Done my work safely¡¨.There were different game booths, safety opera, and quiz prize games which are all tailor to strengthen the awareness of employees¡¦ and employers¡¦ awareness on safely at the work place.The honorable guests, that had attended the events, were Mr. Chan Keng Leong (Subdirector of Labor Affaires Bureau Macau SAR, China), Mr. Chan Kam Meng, (President of Director) and Mr. Clement Sio (President of Macau Occupational Health and Safety Association).In today fast growing business and industry, raising employees¡¦ awareness of occupational health and safety is very important. Please contact ACI for further information on the occupational health and safety and OHSAS 18001 training.

All participants cerebrated
the launch of Macau Occupational Safety Variety

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