Use of Certification Mark
Post Audit Customer Satisfactory Survey

Certification Process
Application documents
Clients are requested to submit the Application Form together with the Business Registration or Certificate of Incorporation, Questionnaire, Application Fee, Organization Chart as well as other forms as required.
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Assessment of System Manual
The system manual would be prepared and submitted to ACI for assessment. Assessment result shall be notified in writing to clients. Non-conformities against standard specification shall be addressed, revised and reassessed until all the requirements have been met.
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First Stage Assessment (For certain certification only)
First Stage Assessment (FSA) to confirm feasibility of the management systems for Certification Audit. FSA defines audit program, re-assure the organization structure, purpose and scope of certification, applicable standard for audit, auditing team manpower involved, audit date and schedule and readiness of the management system.
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Certification Audit
Certification Audit (CA) covers all core functions of an organization based on sampling approach. Audit result will be reported to client during closing meeting. To fulfill the validity of certification audit, 3 months records are necessary. Besides, clients have to conduct at least 1 complete internal audit and 1 complete management review. During Certification Audit, auditors will verify the implementation of management system which is in accordance with the standard specification, ACI Regulations and other relevant internal or external requirements.
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Certification Approval
Upon successfully completion of Certification Audit, Auditors will consolidate audit results and submit the audit report to ACI for approval of certificate issuance. Validity of the Certificate is 3 years. Routine Surveillance Visits (SV) will be conducted in due course to assure certificate maintenance and continuous improvement. A Reassessment will be carried out before the Certificate expires.
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Surveillance Visit & Reassessment
Surveillance Visit (SV) is at Sample audit of system. It checks on complaints and remedial actions and check on compliance and continual improvement and use of logo. The frequency of SV depends on the stability and maturity of the management system. A Reassessment is similar to certification audit but with less assessor day. It will be carried out before the certificate expires.
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Certification Flow Chart
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Application Form & Questionnaire (PDF file)  
Application Form & Questionnaire (DOC file)  
ACI Regulation  
Use of Certification Mark
Use of ACI HKCAS Mark (guideline) 9K, 14K, 18K & 50K  
Use of ACI HKCAS Mark (reference) 9K, 14K, 18K & 50K  
Use of ACI Cert Mark (guideline)
HACCP,GMP,5S,RoHS & 10K,50K,31K
Use of ACI Cert Mark (reference)
HACCP,GMP,5S,RoHS & 10K,50K,31K
Appeals & Complaints
-Appeal and complaint (PDF file)  
Post Audit Customer Satisfactory Survey
Post Audit Customer Satisfactory Survey  
Certificate Copies Order Form
Certificate Copies Order Form  
Arrangement of Audit under Tropical Cyclone Black Rainstorm Warning
Arrangement of Audit under Tropical Cyclone Black Rainstorm Warning  
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