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05 Sep 2020
ACI provides “ETHICAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME” for ISO26000 and ESG Champions

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, ESG are coming to the fore for businesses thriving to create success based on sustainable principles for a new global market.   In order to create business and social impacts, organisations are to identify, engage and equip stakeholders with critical mindset and skills so that they may become champions to drive a new set of values and bring them to life.


To supplement our ACI ESG Reporting Service, we are offering “Ethical Leadership Programme” in collaboration of GROW Dynamics, Edinburgh Business School and Panmure House, the home of the father of modern economics Adam Smith.   This is an exceptional executive programme with global operation, credit-bearing and CPD accredited.  It addresses the keys to integrate ESG into business through alignment of vision and people.  Building on the case of Adam Smith’s “Theory of Moral Sentiments”, this programme inspires and empowers stakeholders to model and communicate ethics with a suite of leadership skills that drive best-in-class practice in its ESG value chain.


This programme is important for organisational ESG champions including management and identified ISO26000 and/or ESG stakeholders.  It goes beyond the ESG reporting framework and addresses key elements to drive effective ESG practice, including vision, teamwork and communication.  In this training, we will equip you with mindset and skills to navigate cultural differences in multi-cultural settings to drive team performances, articulate the 4Ps (purpose, plant, people and principles) in your ESG communication and use Adam Smith case study to develop a suite of leadership tools to integrate your ESG value in business practice.


This programme is conducted live-online with small class size.   It is highly interactive based on carefully curated multi-media materials to share perspectives and stimulate vibrant discussion.  The teaching team is a mix of industry and academic leaders from Hong Kong and Edinburgh to enable overarching concept to be put into practice in a multi-national environment. 



  • Equip and align stakeholders
  • Encourage and constitute ethical behaviour, accountability and transparency
  • Optimise ESG performance



Management and selected ISO26000 and/or ESG stakeholders to be organisational ESG champions



  • ISO26000 and ESG framework overview
  • Cross-cultural understanding and collaboration
  • Crafting a voice for the 4Ps: Purpose, Plant, People and Principles
  • Finding ethical leadership in Adam Smith for the ESG world



Venue: Live-online

Programme Duration: 25 hours in 8 weeks

Language: English


Multi-media materials including articles, videos, book extracts, movie clips, workgroups discussion and exercise


  • Certification of Completion in digital batch format
  • CPD200 hours
  • Pass the exam and Receive 20 credits from Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University


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