Accreditation & Awards
27 Mar 2018
Accredited Certification International delivered “Prevention and Handling of Workplace Violence in Outdoor Work” Training course to Architectural Services Dept. (ASD)

Last month, Accredited Certification International Limited (Accredited Certification International) delivered “Prevention and Handling of Workplace Violence in Outdoor Work” to Architectural Services Department (ASD). The course equips the staff of ASD with knowledge on the preventive measures, strategy and skill to cope with violence and potential violence.


The ASD is a department of the Government of Hong Kong, responsible for the design and construction of many public facilities throughout the territory. The department performs three core functions in relation to Government-owned and Government-funded facilities in the area of monitoring and advisory services, facilities upkeep, and facilities development. The skill to analyze violence at work, assess risk of violence, understand the cause and prevention of violence, and know how to handle violence is essential to department staffs as they can safeguard their personal safety when performing official duties in outdoor work.

Our professional trainer was a former police officer in Hong Kong and Canada. He is experienced in delivering high-quality and practical training course. For more information, please contact our Training and Knowledge Department.


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